App Settings
  • 30 Nov 2022
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App Settings

To access settings in the Helcim Payments app, click on the Menu Icon

Helcim Payments App menu icon

Next, select Settings from the sidebar menu on your screen.

refer a friend an save

After you click on App Settings you are able to view a menu of all the settings categories. You can make the desired changes to your settings and these will save when you navigate back to the Point-Of-Sale.

app settings menu


Clicking on Device will let you review or modify the settings for your device.

modify the settings for your device

Default View: You can select whether the Point-Of-Sale screen defaults to a number pad or to Products or Services

Device Nickname: If you have created a nickname for your device it will be displayed here, you can change it using the textbox if needed

Date Device Last Enabled: The day that the Helcim Payments app last synced with your Helcim account 

Prompt App Updates: Toggle this option On to be notified when there is a new version of the app available

Wipe From Device: Clicking on Wipe From Device will clear the Helcim Payments app information from your device, if you want to remove the device from your account click on Disable Device.


Clicking on Login will let you adjust the security settings for how you and your team log in to the Helcim Payments app. After you click on Login you can select either your User Login Type or the Password Prompt.

User Login Type

Click on the different options to select between Multi User List, Multi User Manual, or Single User (Me) If you have multiple employees who need to access the Helcim Payments app you will want to select one of the multi-user options.

Password Prompt

Click on the different options to change how you want to enter your password when logging into the Helcim Payments app, you can select a PIN login, Full Password, or Full Password + 2FA (which refers to using two-factor authentication).




Once you process a payment using the Helcim Card Reader you can issue customers a receipt through email or by using a printer. Use the options in this section to customize how you want receipts to be handled.

payment receipt or full invoice print options

Default Receipt Type: Click on the buttons to select if you want customers to receive a standard Payment Receipt or a Full Invoice

Merchant Copy: Toggle this option On or Off depending on if you need a copy for yourself in addition to the customer copy.

Auto Print Receipt: Toggle this option On to have your receipts print automatically.




You are able to choose between three different Tip Modes by clicking on the buttons at the top of the page to switch between Recommended AmountsCustom Amount Prompt, and No Tips.

Recommended Amounts

recommended amounts, custom amount prompt and no tips

Tip Recommendations

Set three tip recommendation options that you would like to provide customers with during each transaction. You can select % or $ for the recommendations by clicking on the buttons next to the amount.

Recommendation Amounts
Your tip recommendations need to be entered in order from lowest value to highest value starting from the first recommendation and increasing in amount for the subsequent two options.

Set Maximum Tip Limit Amount

Toggle the radio button On to set a maximum tip amount a customer can enter; this can be set as a percentage or a dollar amount.

Custom Amount

custom amount prompt

When you select Custom Amount the customer can enter their preferred tip amount without any guidance from you. You can toggle the radio button for Set Maximum Tip Limit Amount On if you want to set a maximum amount a customer can tip.

No Tips

Select No Tips if your business does not request tips.

no tips




Your tax settings will automatically reflect what you have selected for your Helcim Account, but you can adjust them from within the Helcim Payments app at any time.

automatically calculate taxes

Automatically Calculate Taxes: Toggle the button On to enable this feature on all new payments

Optionally Add Taxes: Toggle the button On to allow the option to add taxes on individual payments

Use Custom Tax Location: Toggle the button On if you want to use a custom tax location

Tax Location Country: Use the drop-down menu to select the country of your tax location

Tax Location - State/Province: Use the drop-down menu to select the state or province of your tax location


discount options

Allow Discount Codes: Toggle the button On if you would like to allow discount codes

Allow Manual Discounts: Toggle the button On if you would like to allow manual discounts

Set Maximum Discount Amount: Toggle the button On if you would like to set a maximum discount amount. Once the option is turned On you can enter the maximum amount and specify if it is a maximum percent or dollar amount

Check for New Orders

You can use the settings under Check for New Orders to configure you notifications for when new orders are received. These settings can be especially helpful for those in the food and beverage industry or for any business that receives time sensitive orders.

Enable Sound Notifications: Toggle this radio button On if you want to be notified with a ping each time an order is received.

Auto-Print New Orders: Toggle this radio button On if you want the new order to automatically be printed when it is received.

Terminal Settings

Terminal Language

You can update the preferred language settings so that the prompts on the card reader are in English, French, or Spanish. The changes should be reflected immediately, if you do not notice a language change please try closing the app and signing in again.

Please note that the Helcim Payments app will still remain in English. These settings only affect the Helcim Card Reader. In addition, the card reader will also default to the cardholder's language. For example, if you have selected French but an English-speaking customer inserts their credit or debit card, the prompts on the card reader will switch back to English for that transaction.

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