Using Discount Codes in the Point-Of-Sale
  • 08 Nov 2022
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Using Discount Codes in the Point-Of-Sale

You can add discount codes to individual items or to the whole cart from the Helcim Point-of-Sale. 

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Allowing discounts in your settings 

To add discounts to items or an order, you need to have Discounts turned On under your account settings. To check your discount settings, click on Settings (the three bar icon on the bottom right of your app) and then select Settings and Discounts ensure the discount options you want are toggled On to be able to use discounts in the point-of-sale.

Adding discounts to an order

To apply a discount to an entire order first add the items to your cart. Once you have selected the items for the order click on the + icon next to Discounts in the cart.

You can now view and select the discounts you've created for your account. Select the discount you want and it will be applied to the items in your cart.

You will now see the discount applied in your cart underneath the item it was applied to.

Removing discounts from an order

If you applied a discount by mistake, simply click on the product the discount was applied to and adjust the amount or remove it entirely. 

You can now view which discount code was applied and confirm you would like to remove it.

Applying discounts to individual items

There are two ways you can apply a discount to an individual item from the point-of-sale.

The first way is by selecting an item in your product list and clicking on the Discount button below the item.

You can now enter the discount amount as either a percentage or a dollar amount. Once you've entered the discount amounts, select Apply Discount. 

You can now view the product information and applied discount amount.

If everything looks correct, click on Save and the discounted item will be added to the cart.

Once you're done applying discounts to the order you can Process Payment to complete the transaction.

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