Trying out Helcim Payments for the first time
    • 24 Apr 2024
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    Trying out Helcim Payments for the first time

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    Only applies to merchants who signed up on or after Feb 1, 2023

    To let you try out your new Helcim account and test the payment experience for yourself, we’ve waived 100% of the fees on your first $5 worth of transactions with Helcim.

    Unlike common test modes used by developers and payment providers, this allows you to use real credit cards with live transactions to get familiar with Helcim’s payment experience. Whether you process five $1 transactions or one $5 transaction, at home or at your business, you won’t incur any fees on these initial transactions.

    What's in it for you?

    Setting up a new payment software can be daunting. By waiving processing fees on your initial transactions, you are able to familiarize yourself with how to accept payments with Helcim at no extra cost. Before you take payments from real customers in your business environment, you can first understand how the end-to-end flow of processing a credit or debit card transaction will look for you, your staff, and your customers.  

    Trialing this process will also help you learn the different tools in your Helcim account for accepting payments for your business in a variety of ways. Getting familiar with these tools will give you more ways to get paid while offering flexibility to your customers, clients, or patients.

    How to take your first transaction without the fees?

    Taking your first transaction with Helcim is easy! This can be done through the Virtual Terminal if you’d like to process online payments or through the Helcim Card Reader for in-person payments. Even if you’re only looking to process payments in person (or if you’re waiting to receive your card reader) it’s still a great idea to get familiar with the Virtual Terminal as an alternative and easy way to accept payments using any internet-connected device.  

    How to take your first transaction on the Virtual Terminal

    The Virtual Terminal allows you to securely take credit card payments online using any device that has an internet connection, with no additional equipment required.

    1. Open your Helcim account and select 'Virtual Terminal'

    select payments

    2. Enter your customer's details and amount

    customer details

    3. Select your preferred payment method and input the customers card information

    select your preferred payment method

    4. Click Charge Now

    click the charge now button
    payment approved

    How to take your first In-Person transaction:

    The Helcim Payments app lets you process in-person credit and debit card transactions with your Helcim equipment.

    1. On your Helcim Payments App, click on the POS icon on the bottom navigation bar.

    2. Key in the amount you want to process.

    3. Review your cart and click Charge.

    4. If you are using the Helcim Smart Terminal, or have the app connected to the Helcim Card Reader, then the device will prompt your customer for payment. Alternatively, you can manually enter the customer's information to complete the transaction.

    If you are manually entering in the information, select Process Payment to complete the transaction. You can change the payment method by clicking the credit card icon beside the Charge button to review the options below:

    What happens after you take your first transaction?

    Once the payment has been approved and the batch has been closed, navigate to the Banking Section in your dashboard and you'll see the processing fees have been waived for the first $5


    If you have processed more than $5 for your first batch, our regular interchange plus pricing will be applied only to the amount over and above your first $5

    How would you know if your first transaction was successful?

    Each transaction will have a receipt with an approval message. In your Payments tool, you will see the approved transaction on your transaction list and an email confirmation will be sent to you after you’ve taken your first transaction.

    What happens if your first transaction gets declined?

    If a transaction is declined by the issuing bank or due to system error, you will not incur processing fees. You will also see this transaction on your transaction list with a status “Declined.” To learn about the different types of declines, click here

    What happens if you transaction gets refunded?

    Even if your first transaction has been refunded, you will not incur processing fees on the first $5 of this transaction. Our regular processing fees will apply to all payments processed above $5.

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