Turning off Helcim ACH Payments
    • 23 Jan 2023
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    Turning off Helcim ACH Payments

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    If your business doesn't want to accept  Bank Payments, you can turn off the option under your Helcim account Settings.

    If you turn bank payments On or Off in your account the setting will be applied to all existing payment pages, outstanding invoices, etc. If you  want to offer bank payments for only some of your existing payment options, please adjust the individual settings in each payment section. For example, if you have bank payments turned on in your account but have a specific payment page that you only want to accept credit cards through, please adjust the payment settings for that specific payment page to be credit card only.

    To remove the choice between credit card and bank account payments, simply go to Settings and Payments and Plans, then select Bank Account Payment Settings to adjust your options.



    You can now adjust your Bank Account payment settings.

    bank account payment settings

    Only bank payment settings can be configured, all Helcim accounts include the option to accept credit cards and this cannot be turned off. 

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