An Overview of Helcim Payments
    • 07 Feb 2023
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    An Overview of Helcim Payments

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    Helcim gives your business flexible payment options for both in-person and online solutions. The Payments section of your Helcim account provides an overview of all the transactions you have processed including credit, debit, bank account, and other tender transactions. 

    An overview of Payments 

    You can use Payments to review your detailed transaction information including the following sections of your account: 

    • Transactions - An overview of all the transactions in your account sorted by card transactions, bank account transactions, and other tender transactions. 
    • Credit Card Batches - Review a summary of your card batches including total sales amount and date open and closed. 
    • Bank Account Batches - Review a summary of your bank account batches if processing ACH payments. 
    • Virtual Terminal - Access the virtual terminal to process a payment for a customer. 
    • Payment Requests - If you are sending payment requests to customers you can view all of your requests, or sort them by Due vs. Paid requests to see which payment requests are still outstanding. 
    • Terminal - View the terminals associated with your account and adjust the settlement information to have your terminal auto-settle your batches and selecting what time of day you would like this to occur. 
    • Receipt Theme Designer - Use the Receipt Theme Designer to adjust the look and feel of your customer receipts. You can edit the content, images, and colors of your receipts to reflect your business’s brand. 
    • Export - Download or export a copy of your transactions to a CSV or Quickbooks. 

    Setting up your account: 

    Before you begin processing payments, we recommend that you review the different setting options under Merchant Account Settings to ensure the default settings work for your business.

    The next section that can be beneficial to review before you begin processing payments is the Receipt Theme Designer. You can edit the content, images, and colors of your receipts, so they reflect your brand.

    Finally, review the Terminals page to assign your default terminal and customize your batch settings. Now that you have reviewed your account settings, customized your receipt, and edited your batch settings, you are ready to begin processing payments.

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